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Brand Creators

Free to build

14 days trial for all features

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— Essential features
— Invite collaborators
— Cloud storage
— Preview URL

— Up to 5 project drafts
— All module features
— 2GB storage
— Up to 5 editors
— Preview URL


Brand Owners

$ 450 / year

or $ 55 / month


— License for 1 brand
— Sub-brands with discount
— Custom domain
— Unlimited editors
— Password-protected content


Core Studio°

Per User Pricing

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An extension of °1 and °2 for brand studios, agency networks, and solo freelancers.

For designing

Lasts for 7 days.

Corebook will generate pre-defined layout templates and placeholder content that help you create brand book faster and more efficient.

  • — Core module features with restrictions

    — 14 pages
  • — Design with Corebook assistant
  • — Temporary preview URL
  • — Invite editors
  • — 2 GB of storage
  • — Dashboard for multi-brands
  • — Mobile-optimized layout
  • — Google Drive or Dropbox integration
  • — Standard support
  • — Corebook° branded footer

For publishing


For the most demanding:

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For brand studios

  • — No branded footer

    — White labeling

    — Corebook° licences discount
  • — Agency dashboard

    — Dark Mode

    — Privacy & WIP features
  • — Collaboration levels
  • — Duplicate projects
  • — Reusable templates
  • — Up to 100 GB of storage
  • — Unlimited projects
  • — Premium support
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7-14 days

Let's talk.

— Product Demo call
— Differentiation info
— Bespoke features consideration

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Solo freelancer

$ 29 / month

$ 25/m if billed annually

— 1 studio user
— Unlimited projects
— Unlimited editors
— Up to 100GB of storage
— Reusable templates
— White labeling
— Coredeck° for pitching
— Coreboard° for organizing
— Corebook° licenses discounts

Need sub-brands architecture? Contact us to get a quote!

Choose Solo


Core Team

$ 49 / month

$ 45/m if billed annually

Choose Team

— 3 studio users included
+ $10/m for each addional user

— Collaboration levels
— Custom dashboard URL
— Duplicate projects
— Unlimited projects
— Unlimited editors
— Up to 100 GB of storage
— Reusable templates
— White labeling
— And all other "Solo" features

Core Studio provides incentive discount program in cases when brand agencies are paying for brand guidelines license. Applied for "Solo freelancers" and "Core team" plans


Brand Owner

25% licence discount

$ 337 / year
$ 450 / year


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How do I publish my clients brand book?

When the brand book is finished, you can publish it for client review and send them a temporary link, which will expire in a week. If they like your work, you can transfer an online brand book to the client and they will be asked to register as a Brand Owner and subscribe for the service.

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Can I use Corebook as a creator for my own brand?

Brand Creator does not have a public link for his brand book. It is available only for subscribed Brand Owner. But hey! We will be more than happy to help everyone in need. Just drop us a message to and let's talk!

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Do you support NGO brands?

Yes. In fact, we support medical institutions, early-stage startups, educational institutions, and NGOs with 50% — 90% discount. Contact us by to get a quote.

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Do you have any support programs for students and new designers?

Core Studio was built for brand creators who want to raise their competitiveness in the branding industry by delivering better experiences for their clients and using better toolkits as teams. We believe everyone can do that so we indeed support the newbie brand creators with an unofficial plan called "Brand New Freelancer" with a 50% discount for the first 2 years of their career. Let's talk! Contact us by

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Does branding really matter?

We grew up listening to rock'n'roll legends. They fill stadiums with screaming fans, and they turned their passion into millions of dollars worth brands. The secret is that Rock Stars don’t have customers. Instead, their brand turns customers into fans who are not driven by price and convenience and won't leave you just for a better price in a split second. Corebook is for those companies who aspire to fill stadiums with loyal screaming product fans driven by identity and values, and are looking for tools to gain confidence by doing so.