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As a company, the best thing we can do to help is to give a discount

* till the end of the world will be canceled

While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to influence economy around the globe,

you can buy Corebook «Onboarding Coupon» for special price and use social distancing time to craft your guidelines and plan future for your brand in the post-pandemic world.


Brand Creators

Forever free

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— All features
— 2 GB storage
— Unlimited editors
— Unlimited brand books
— Preview link
— Revenue sharing
— Expiring URL


Brand Owners

$ 165 / coupon

$ 828/ yearly

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Special COVID-19 price. Buy coupon now, activate 1 year subscription whenever you are ready.

— All features
— Custom non-expiring URL
— Custom domain



80% - 90% discount

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— Medical institutions
— Early-stage startups
— Educational institutions
— NGO's


Whats is the deadline for a special COVID-19 price?

All prices and discounts are current till at least May 31, 2020 depending on how quickly we are coping with pandemic worldwide. Once coupon is bought, it is valid for 3 years.

What's included in Brand Owners plan?

All features, 2 GB storage, unlimited editors, brand book with sub-brands architecture, custom domain, custom non-expiring URL, security levels and all future updates.

How do I publish my clients brand book?

When the brand book is finished, you can publish it for client review and send them a temporary link, which will expire in a week. If they like your work, you can transfer an online brand book to the client and they will be asked to register as a Brand Owner and subscribe for the service.

Can I use Corebook as a creator for my own brand?

Brand Creator does not have a public link for his brand book. It is available only for subscribed Brand Owner. But hey! We will be more than happy to help everyone in need. Just drop us a message to and let's talk!

We are in this together

EP.1 — 4 Brand Mindset Guides During the Great Social Distancing
Podcast • Mar 26

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