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Where the brilliant brands come to build and share their online brand book.

Create an interactive online brand book that will be actually used.

For more fun scrolling click here to listen Spotify playlist curated by Corebook

For more fun scrolling click here to listen to a
Spotify playlist curated by Corebook


Easy onboarding.

You don’t need to watch tutorial videos or learn how to code to get started with Corebook.

Or click here to go straight to the on-boarding


Brand Book UX.

The more standardized the layout is, the easier it will be for those who will actually use it. Brand guidelines shouldn’t be a "Behance" showcase contest. Corebook stands for simple structure layout practice.

Or click here to see live demo.


Style guides
you can listen to.

Let’s get real for a moment — who has a passion for reading long asset guideline texts? Corebook uses AI text-to-speech synthesis technology so you can listen to brand book as a podcast while your eyes are busy.

Pssst, check out Corebook's sonic identity.


No boring text

Corebook uses Instagram Stories functionality with swiping cards. Split your asset guide text into smaller pieces and for those who need in-depth information, give "Go Deeper" options.

Somewhere at the bottom of the webpage is a hidden core message.


Export .html

No strings attached. Edit the code.


Sync your trusted
cloud services.

Such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Share with privacy

Some part is for public, some part is only for boardroom.


AI assistant in mind

For future development.


Share with privacy.

Some parts are for the public, some parts are only for the boardroom.


AI assistant in mind.

For future development.


How much does it cost?

For Brand Creators the service is free. You can use Corebook as much as you want, for as many brand books as you need. Since brand books, in the end, will be the property of Brand Owner, we believe that the owner is the one who should pay for the service, not designers. You can see the pricing plan here.

How do I publish my clients brand book?

When the brand book is finished, you can publish it for client review and send them a temporary link, which will expire after a week. If they like your work, you can transfer the online brand book to the client and they will be asked to register as a Brand Owner and subscribe to the service.

What do brand owners need to do?

To use a brand book with a public non-expiring link or  custom domain, The Brand Owner should subscribe to the service. Please see our pricing here. You as a Brand Creator can still have access to the editing, unless the Brand Owner decides to unlink you.

Can I use Corebook as a creator for my own brand?

The Brand Creator does not have a public link for their brand book. It is available only for subscribed Brand Owners. But hey! We will be more than happy to help everyone who needs it. Just drop us a message at and let's talk!

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