Branding is the new advertising
Branding is the new advertising
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An online brand guidelines platform for branding teams.

Develop & maintain your brand design integrity.
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°Principle 1

Easy onboarding and a quick start.

You don’t need to learn how to code to get started with your web-based style guide and maintain it afterward. Corebook° believes that nothing makes branding teams stick to branding software more than a brilliant UX and simplicity.

Or explore a pre-made example of an online brand book.

°Principle 2

Online brand guidelines that actually get used across teams.

Building the brand is an exciting continuous process. Online brand guidelines should be flexible and always up-to-date. Edit, share, update and protect your brand value with Corebook°.

Or click here to read about the most essential features.

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°Principle 3

Collaborative prototyping.

Try Corebook° Studio for creative teams. Collaborate, create templates, reduce repetitive tasks and move branding projects forward, faster.

Contact us to know more about Corebook° Studio for brand creators

°Principle 4

Sharing that simply works.

Share and download assets directly from your digital brand guidelines. Corebook° uses deep link functionality to share a specific section or file.

°Principle 5

Interactive brand storytelling.

Advance your brand story with multimedia content. Add audio, video, and animation to the brand guides.

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Custom URL.

Use your own domain name or brand URL to share your digital brand book with confidence.


Embed your workflow.

& more

& more



Some parts are for the public, some parts are only for the boardroom.



Corebook° clients develop digital advantage while fixed-format PDF brand guidelines are becoming a thing of the past.



A part of the brand is visible to the public and a part is only accessible to the boardroom.



Corebook° clients gain a digital brand management advantage while fixed-format PDF brand guidelines are becoming a thing of the past.

Built on Corebook:


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How do I publish my client’s brand guide?

When the digital brand book is finished, you can publish it for client review and send them a link. If they like your work, you can transfer the digital brand book to the client and they will be asked to register as a Brand Owner and subscribe to the service.

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What do brand owners need to do?

To use Corebook branding software with a public non-expiring link or custom domain, The Brand Owner should subscribe to the service. Please see our pricing here. You as a Brand Creator can still have access to the editing unless the Brand Owner decides to unlink you.

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What happens to brand guidelines if I cancel?

Your online brand guidelines project and all of its content stay in your account to resume when you are ready. You can delete the content yourself or request deletion of all of your data by reaching out to the Corebook° team.

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Can I manage different user groups of access?

Assign specific page permissions to single viewer accounts or access links to view and interact with your online brand guidelines. Invite editors to collaborate with you to build out your brand project even faster.

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Can I fully customize my brand guidelines?

Customize all aspects of your online brand guidelines starting with colors, fonts, layouts, pages all the way to a fully customizable domain.

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Can I add downloadable assets?

Add downloads directly to your assets. No more searching through the folder inside the folder. You can also add downloads with help of a dedicated downloads module or attaching to buttons module. We call it integrated core asset management.

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